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30% Up to 30% commission per sale
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How it works?

1. Join now
Once your account has been approved you will be provided with a unique affiliate link. You can promote that link on your website, social media, videos, educational resources, newsletters etc. That link helps our website track which users come from you.
2. Promote
You will, also, be provided with promotional high-quality marketing materials and eye-catching banners. The more you promote the more money you can earn.
3. Earn money
Make industry-leading commission! You can receive up to 30% commission for every sale. In addition if a user that you referred keep purchasing on our website you also receive commissions as many times as the user purchases.

Commissions plan

Once your account has been reviewed and approved you can start taking advantage of our competitive commission plan and maximize your earnings.

Level 1
You receive 15% of each sale you bring until you reach total of $5 000 revenue per month.
Level 2
You receive 22% of each sale you bring until you reach total of between $5 001 and $10 000 revenue per month.
Level 3
You receive 30% of each sale you bring if revenue is larger than $10 001 per month.
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Anyone with a voice can be an affiliate

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Use your social media skills to get EWM Interactive's name out there. Facebook, Twitter... you name it.
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You are thinking of any other way? We are open to suggestions. Let us know how you can promote us.